Coat of Arms Slots

Coat of Arms Slots is a medieval slot that will have anyone enthralled with the period coming back again and again hoping to win the big jackpot that builds up as you play. Featuring nice visuals, impressively chosen reels, and an overall pleasing package, Coat of Arms Slots is not the best slot out there by any means, but there is more than enough to keep players thoroughly interested and enthralled with it for both short or long play sessions. We recommend you give this one a try, though if you are not a big fan of the period, then it may not hold your interest over the infinite number of other slots that exist for you to partake in.


Going back to the times that King Arthur was fabled to reign during, Coat of Arms Slots for the most part can be described as ‘vaguely medieval’. They did not really put a whole lot of thought into what is present and why within the games, but it still manages to be coherent enough that you will never be wondering what is going on, or in want of a help menu for which things are worth more.


The graphics here are pretty good, though the content of them is at times a little odd. Everything is bright, colorful, and crisp, which actually works somewhat against the source material. In this case, however, that is likely for the best, as everything back then was a little drab and blood stained for our tastes. The fonts chosen for the suit of card symbols to match in particular looks really well designed, and the illustrations done on things like the chalices and swords would likely get a solid B grade if a teacher was to take them to task.


This is where Coat of Arms Slots starts to show some unintentional age. A standard five reel slot with 25 play lines, there really is not much here that players likely have no seen elsewhere time and again. There are two jackpots, which is nice, and the usual scatters and free spins, but a lot more could have been done here to make the game really shine.

Betting ranges from 25 cents to $25 per game, which does make this on the higher end for players looking to risk a lot in hopes of higher reward. This may be the intended audience of the game, as everything else about it is fairly mundane and does not often manage to stand out among the pack.

As you would expect, you are matching swords, shields, chalices, and coats of arms, the latter of which will net you a jackpot, but for the most part, it all kind of blends in given the circumstances.


+ Accessible + Some of the art is really nice + Vivid and colorful + Betting stakes can go as high as you would like


- Gameplay is somewhat standard - Not much about it stands out - There was a lot more that could have been done with the source material


Coat of Arms Slots is by no means a bad slot game. On that same note, it is by no means a great one. It is mediocre in most respects, with some aspects of the artwork being its saving grace. If you are a fan of medieval times, however, and many people are, then you may get a kick out of this game. The stakes go as high as you would like, and it is littered with references to knights and lore. The Black Knight awaits you if you decide to give Coat of Arms Slots a try.