Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon Orb Slots is a uniquely Chinese themed slot game that is a wonder to behold and a relative joy to play. Featuring a lot of solid design choices and a jaw dropping art style, it is hard not to look at this game and feel that an uncanny amount of love went into it at every level. We recommend this game to everyone, if only to appreciate the highly skilled illustration work that went into it.


Chinese dragons are not very much like their Western counterparts, which Dragon Orb Slots mostly shows despite some caveats. The real theme here is ancient Chinese mythology, but that would make for a less compelling title than anything featuring the words Dragon and Orb. Going through various symbols of sacred importance to ancient Chinese culture, the slot does not make fun of it, but rather tastefully celebrates it in an artistic way.


This is a beautiful game that could easily be mistaken for a small gallery of fine art pieces floating in a vaguely slot like format. Everything here is hand illustrated to the utmost standard of quality. The colors are rich and vibrant but still managed to be tastefully subdued in their low levels of saturation. The choice of items to be matched is a who’s who of nice Chinese symbolism and mythology. It all looks great, and our hats are thoroughly off to the developers for putting so much into the way this game looks.


The way Dragon Orb Slots plays is nothing to sneeze at, but did not receive the same level of care as the presentation. This is to be expected, as there really is no way to top the way this game looks, which is more a testament to the graphics than it is an insult to the gameplay. The game is a standard 5 reel slot machine with enough play lines to keep things interesting. You match things such as the God of Wealth, Fucanglong and Zhanshi, which all make no sense to write about but look very pretty and are easy to identify. Standard slot machine trappings are present as you would expect as well, such as auto play and such.

Betting here ranges from 10 cents to $10 a spin, making it all accessible but still with enough depth to keep hardcore gamblers interested. Nothing else about the gameplay stands out in particular, which is a blessing and a curse. It plays solid, but never manages to take any risks.


+ Wonderful graphics + Great choice of theme + Backgrounds even look great + Did we mention the graphics are good enough to hang on your wall?


- Gameplay cannot help but not live up to the presentation - Betting mechanics are overly standard - Gameplay does not attempt to innovate despite being solid


The presentation of a slot game is one of the most important aspects, second only to how much money you can hope to win. It does not matter how well a game plays if it looks like chicken scratch you would not even hang on the fridge if your son or daughter drew it. In this way, Dragon Orb Slots sings. It may be the best looking slot game we have ever seen, and if not, would easily rank among the best of the best in this department. If you are at all a fan of Chinese culture, well done illustrations, and want a little extra cash in your spare time, Dragon Orb Slots is for you. Admittedly the theme does not quite for the title, but we really do not care, it looks so damn good.