Fantasy Mission Force Slots

Fantasy Mission Force Slots is the first and only licensed slot game named after that Jackie Chan film of the same name. Featuring stills and footage from the film and a lot of heart surrounding its subject matter, the end result is a fun game that mixes high and low budge elements with fairly standard gameplay and makes it all just fun enough to make it worth your time.


Jackie Chan has been in so many movies it is easy to forget which ones he made, but Fantasy Mission Force is indeed a Jackie Chan film featuring him going around doing vaguely martial art related nonsense with a smile on his face that has you at the edge of your seat the whole way through. Coming out in the 1980s, it was an odd film to pick. Given the cult classic status of the film, however, that may be why they did it, and they probably got the license on the cheap as well.


This is where Fantasy Mission Force Slots shows some odd choices. As stated above, maybe the license to the film itself was cheap. This would explain why the presentation is relatively cheap as well. Make no mistake, the stills and animations from the films are all great. Everything looks nice and well rendered and it is well done. What is weird is the juxtaposition with a UI that looks like a stand in for a real one, however, and how markedly different the other things you are tasked with matching look by comparison. The guns, bullets, bombs, knives, and related things look a far cry different than the film stills and animations.

It all makes for an odd, disjointed experience that Chan’s charisma still manages to save.


This is where things in Fantasy Mission Force Slots are at their weakest. Being a 5 reel slot with 25 play lines, this slot plays a lot like most other slots. You could switch it out for many others, and you likely would not be missing anything. This is a shame, as the source material really is great, and it would have been nice if a little love had been played into the premise to match that of the filmmakers and source material. That said, it is all still fun, and we do not necessarily fault the game too much for this. A lot of slots play like slots, and this game is no different, for better or worse.


+ Great license + Love Jackie Chan in all things and in all ways + Animations and footage are a nice touch


- Gameplay is fairly standard - Other game elements do not quite match the film stills and footage


We never in a million years would have imagined we would be spinning Jackie Chan around in a slot. Fantasy Mission Force Slots is a game no one would think to make, and they managed to do a good job despite that. It combines a very strong license with visuals that just pass muster and are entirely supported by Chan’s charisma in the filmic elements. Gameplay being fairly standard, to say this slot leans heavily on the license would be an understatement. That is all that is there. It still manages to be a fun experience even given that, and we do recommend giving it a try if you have never played a licensed slot game, or are a fan of the film or Chan himself. Admittedly we are fans of both, and will be playing this game a lot for laughs and giggles. There is something about playing a Jackie Chan themed slot machine that is deeply gratifying and hilarious.