Asgard Slots

Anyone that has seen a Marvel movie is now entirely familiar with everything that Asgard Slots is all about. Taking Nordic mythology as its theme, this slot brings some surprising elements into a package that has just enough to keep you interested, but on the whole still manages to have more than a few missteps. Despite that, it is still a wonderful game in its own right that anyone would be remiss not to play. We recommend anyone give it a try, particularly if they are a fan of anything that it is based on.


Thor, Odin, Loki, and the rest of the Nordic gang are all here. Instead of battling monsters and saving the world, however, they are tasked with playing along as you sit there making spin after spin. The graphics here pack most of the presentation, but they still do manage to convey a lot. You can tell they went back to the myths themselves to try and get some authentic ideas that were not appropriated from the Jack Kirby renditions. This works for and against it, but was a nice touch.


Asgard Slots features hand drawn illustrations all throughout. Everything is reasonably well done, but at the same time, feels a little awkward and stiff. The forms of the characters are all well done enough, and the colors overall are okay. What feels awkward here, however, is the painterly style that everything is colored with that does not manage to adequately render light and shadow as it would appear in reality. This leaves the art style in a weird half way space between being cartoony and realistic that we do not feel was the best use of the artist's time. It does not look bad by any means, but it does feel like the illustrations themselves were reaching a little further than the artist's talents could hold up. Still, it looks good in a classic sort of way, and we respect it for that.


Being a 5 reel slot, Asgard Slots is standard in many respects, but does have some standout features to set it apart. The maximum payout is 6,000 coins, and multipliers go up to 1,250x your bet. You can also double your winnings with Golden Wild, which combines with other things for a double payout.

You can also choose your feature during play by picking any of the familiar god like characters, which is a very unique feature we wish more games would play around with. Picking either the Goddess, Loki, Thor, or Odin-sometimes named differently, but that is who they are-you can get more or less free games, but also change the mechanics of play. Loki gives extra wilds, for example, while Thor gives multipliers to them. It all works pretty well to make things more interesting than you would expect, and is the game's best feature.


+ Great theme + Choose your god gameplay mechanics + Art style is fitting with some caveats


- Color work can at times feel a little out of place, but maybe that is just us - Other than the choose your feature 'feature', it is all fairly standard


Asgard Slots is perfect for anyone that is a fan of the mythology and winning money. Some stand out, truly innovative features are to be found, and a competent art style as well. Everything else is fairly standard, but it all still manages to be a lot of fun. If this at all sounds appealing to you, give Asgard slots a try. We recommend picking Loki for his extra wilds, and because he has always been cooler than Thor.