Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

Bubble Bubble 2 Slots is the sequel to Bubble Bubble Slots, which we reasonably enjoyed in our review of it. Combining sex appeal with witches and spooky Halloween nonsense, Bubble Bubble 2 Slots manages to outdo the original in pretty much every way. Everything looks a little better, plays a little better, and is just a little more interesting than the original. For that reason, if you did enjoy the original, you are better off playing this one instead. And if you have tried neither, but like boobs and creepy cute things, you will likely find a good time here as well.


Witches, boobs, and cute creepy things sums it all up. There is a weird sort of genre that came up, reminiscent of Tim Burton movies, where Halloween themed spooky stuff is mixed with cartoony and childish looking themes for an end result that you will either love or feel indifferent to. Given how popular this sort of style is, however, it was probably a good idea they chose it here, evidenced by the first one doing well enough to warrant a sequel, which does not happen too often in the slot world.


This is a gorgeous game. Outdoing the already pretty original, there is a good mix of cute and cuddly combined with the weird and grotesque. It would never register as more than PG in a theater, making the end results still suitable for all ages.

Everything here is hand drawn, and the colorful, vibrant palette shows a lot of love went into it. This could easily be concept art for a wonderful film or game, only now it is staring you in the face as you play spin after spin winning lots of money.

One thing that somewhat sets this game apart from other pretty games is that the characters pictured here actually have a lot of personality. Whether it is the rats or the creepy dolls or even the candles, there is a Disney level of quality to the renderings that gives it all a lot of emotion that makes it feel very alive and more than just a slot machine game. The original did this, but the sequel really out did it!


There are a couple of key differences here. Being a 5 line slot, one of the things that made the original Bubble Bubble standout was the column wide wild card system that happened when the titular witch and her oversized boobs graced the stage. Here, that happens again, only twice as often given the nature of having two witches at play.

Being able to win up to 20 free games and other standard trappings such as auto play round out the experience.


+ Gorgeous art + Well chosen theme + Just enough sex appeal + Still appropriate for all ages


- Not much, it is all very well done


We really liked Bubble Bubble Slots, and the same and then some can be said of Bubble Bubble 2 Slots. Everything here came together into a compelling package that any Tim Burton fan is sure to love, or anyone interested in a small dose of gothic sex appeal while playing a slot. Sequels tend not to be as good as the original, but in this case, it managed to out do it on pretty much every avenue. We can recommend this game without hesitation to pretty much anyone, provided you like the way it looks. That really is the core of this game, but given their sound aesthetic decisions, we are sure it will resonate with a wide variety of players. Give it a go, win some dough, and enjoy Halloween all year round.