Dream Run Slots

A beautiful aesthetic, interesting game design choices, and a bit of racing scene flair round out a wonderful experience players of all skill levels can look forward to in Dream Run Slots. It is not the most innovative slot on the market, and there is not much about it that has not been done elsewhere before, but despite all of that, it manages to bring together a lot of very competent elements in a nice package that we recommend everyone giving a try if they are at all a fan of cars or morning.


Much like Fast and the Furious, Dream Run Slots is a street racing themed. This is unusual for a slot, as most of the popular premises have been taken from other genres. For that reason, it stands out, and is sure to make any car racing fans smile as they play spin after spin.


This is the entire point of Dream Run Slots. It is not new, and it is not very unique. What it is, however, is a slot for car enthusiasts, making it in scant company. For that reason, the look of the game stands out a lot. Cars and related things are all expertly rendered in a way aficionados will appreciate, it all having a very clean, crisp aesthetic with a tint of realism to it that we really like.

The touch of a gun thrown into the game for a bit of edgy flair is appreciated, though we feel the great graphics were doing well enough on their own without the need of any cheap help like that.


As a 25 play line, 5 reel slot, there is not much here to gawk over compared to the rest of the game. There is not much here that is not standard to the genre, whether it is the 7,500x multipliers or the jackpots. That is not necessarily a bad thing, however. For a game that is mostly about looking slick, it still manages to play slick. There is nothing to learn, no out there concepts that fail, and everything that is there works. This is both a benefit and a detriment to the game, in that it is more than competent in everything it does here, while not really managing to stand out at all in anything but the game's appearance.

The special racing game is admittedly a nice touch, however, even though it is nothing really to write home about at the end of the day.


+ Great look for people into cars + Slightly edgy theme that is not seen too often in these games + Tried and true game mechanics


- Gameplay is fairly standard - Makes no attempt to break no ground - More could have been done with the theme - Was the gun really necessary?


Dream Run Slots is a complete package, albeit a safe one. In a world where most slots are themed after rainbows and Rome and random things like ducks, a street racing slot still manages to stand out, however. This is a very competent entry in a crowded genre that will scratch just the right itch for car enthusiasts. Anyone can easily enjoy what is on offer here, however, as everything comes together fairly well without any missing details or things left to chance. We recommend car fans in particular giving it a try, as they will surely fall in love with it. For everyone else, however, it can still be a lot of fun, provided you do not actively hate automobiles or racing, and can get over the unnecessary edginess added by the gun.