Bubble Bubble Slots

Bubble Bubble Slots is a witch themed slot game that is high on sex appeal, and about average at everything else. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as for some players, this really can be enough. The gameplay works well enough, and there is a lot of eye candy to be had while playing, making for an experience that is right on the edge of racy, while offering spooky Halloween voodoo for those into that too. Taken together, and that is a lot to appeal to a wide variety of people, making this a slot that will likely scratch your itch if you are a fan of either beautiful women or creepy things-which feels odd to type in the same sentence, but it is what it is.


Witches are hot, and cauldrons are too, their power combined making for a formidable aesthetic. That is the easiest way to sum up the premise of Bubble Bubble Slots: sexy witches and spooky things. That is not to say it does not work, however. We begrudgingly admit that it does, and found ourselves enjoying it more than we likely should have.


Despite the lead character being largely made of boobs and butt, the art in this game is actually a wonder to behold. All of the spooky bits are professionally drawn, look really great, and have loads of personality. Even the candles manage to have a Halloween vibe to them, and a lot of the things they managed to put in, such as a loving skeletal head, are actually clever when you think about it. This is a very pretty slot in more ways than one, and the team should be commended for taking the time to make it look so great.


The gameplay here is not bad, but it is not too far off from what most players are likely used to at this point as well. A four reel, 50 play line slot, there is certainly more to match here than the competition, though not all of said matching features as much as it could have in the gameplay itself.

You can match skeletons, potions, cats, spiders, and a nice variety of creepy things. Some of them even have nice multiplier bonuses. For all that is here to be found, however, it seems like more of it could have effected the gameplay than it does. A lot of the effects to be found are somewhat similar, only varying in degree. It still manages to be fun and engaging, but it would have been nice if the gameplay had the same care put into it that the graphics clearly have.


+ Looks really great + High production values all around + Gameplay works and is solid


- With all the wonderful art assets, more could have been done with them - Having the title character in the center of the reels is kind of odd - If you are a girl and do not like spooky things, there is not much for you to see here


Bubble Bubble Slots is a genre piece that is well done and a good time in the right hands. If you like women, Halloween, and winning money, you will most likely like this game. There are still a wide variety of people we can see that not appealing to, however. Given that the gameplay outside of the presentation is not much to write home about, we can recommend this game with the above cautions. It is still very well done all around, however, and we ourselves enjoyed it quite a bit for what it was, only wishing a little extra time had been spent on the gameplay to do the graphics justice.