Enchanted Garden II Slots

Enchanted Garden II Slots
Enchanted Garden II Slots is a sequel to a popular faerie themed game bearing the same name, sans the number. It is a heart warming and well done experience that is well suited to people that are a fan of Disney tales, nature, and winning a bit of dough on the side. Although it takes few risks, it all came together in a very competent way. For that reason, it is a decent slot that some people will like, and some people will love.


Much like the first game, Enchanted Garden II Slots takes place in a magical forest, complete with faeries and woodland trappings as you go about your money winning ways. It is an odd fit for a slot given the nature of slots themselves, but for some reason, it manages to work pretty well, evidenced by the first game being popular enough that it got a sequel.


The presentation here is very well done, and we cannot find much to fault it for. The portraits are very well drawn, contain just enough expressiveness to keep them cute, and have you matching suits of cards alongside forest elves in a refreshingly relaxing setting. The backdrop is great, and everything glows vibrantly with wonderful colors. The play control panel along the bottom, however, leaves something to be desired, and does stand in stark contrast with the rest of the presentation. This is not uncommon in slots, however, so how much it irks you will depend on how many games you have played.


Enchanted Garden II Slots takes the same path as its prequel, being a five reel slot with 25 play lines. The garden and Faerie symbols as you might expect both award players with bonus rounds to enjoy, and it can all begin with as little as a dollar. This makes the game very accessible and rewarding, even though the rest of it does not deviate very far from standard slots, nor the original game for that matter. If you are a fan of the original, you will certainly like this one, though they do not differ enough to make either one a clear winner here. They did change the Firefly Feature enough to stand out, however, awarding players with 7 free games and a triple prize.

Other standard features like autoplay are of course present, and the maximum number of free games you can get is a respectable 10.


+ Colorful and vivid presentation + Relaxing atmosphere + Solid production values + All well executed


- Does not differ dramatically from the first game - If you do not like the theme, you probably will not like this game


Faeries are really popular as of late, which Enchanted Garden II Slots stands as a testament too. The first game was popular enough to warrant a sequel, and the second is competent enough to warrant anyone taking a look. It must be said, however, that if you are not into the relaxing, magical theme that the game provides, you probably will not find a whole lot on offer here to keep you interested. It is a very decent game, but never manages to be an inventive one. We do not fault it for that because it is technically a sequel to a game people clearly liked to begin with, but it would have been nice if they would have jazzed it up a bit and differentiated it more from the first. This game receives our wholehearted recommendation, and we feel what is on offer is good enough that no one will regret giving it a spin will admiring the mystical forest backdrops and cute little pixie characters.