Cash Bandits 2 Slots

You know a game is great when the first was good enough to warrant a sequel. Cash Bandits 2 Slots is the sequel to the wildly popular Cash Bandits Slots. Known for a wonderfully rendered production style, iconic and colorful characters, and a lot of attention played to the gameplay, Cash Bandits 2 Slots lives up to its predecessor and then some. We cannot help but give this game a recommendation, just as we would the first. If you have time, but sure to play both.


You are a wanted criminal, and you really, really like money. For some reason, however, the cops do not seem to like you. These powers combined are the premise of Cash Bandits 2, much like the first game. Where this game differs from the first, however, are in how high the stakes seem to be stacked against the player, as well as the rewards involved.


This is a jaw droppingly gorgeous game. Some games in the slot community, in rare instances, license existing properties to have high production values without taking the time to do much of the design work themselves. Cash Bandits 2 Slots is the opposite. It is a game so well crafted in its appearance that it could easily be licensed out itself to be the premise for an animated movie or TV show.

Much like the first, everything here is beautifully illustrated. For fans of the first, subtle nods to it are present as well, such as the title character’s old portrait being featured on a wanted poster. It is all a treat to behold, and a joy to play.

The fact that not much has been rehashed from the first is also a feat worthy of praise to the developers. This is a great game in its own right, and is not the slot equivalent of a straight to video movie. Everything is new, it looks great, and they clearly put a lot into this series, which long time fans like us thoroughly appreciate.


Cash Bandits 2 Slots here focuses on the safe cracking theme to great effect. On the hunt for scattered robbers, players can unlock the Vault Bonus Round that has them doing their darnedest to get inside the safe. Aside from that, this game retains the roots of that which came before it, being a 5 reel affair with a standard amount of playlines

You will be matching alarm symbols, wanted posters, banks, police officers, hand cuffs, badges, donuts, and even scared old ladies here. Other standard features are also present, such as auto play and variable play speeds.

The bonus rounds here may not be quite as interesting as the first, but they are still fun, and it may just be that we liked the first a little too much and it holds a special place in our hearts for that reason.


+ This + Game + Looks + Amazing


- Not much, it is a wonderful game


Cash Bandits Slots is one of our favorite in the infinite number of slots players have at their disposal. Cash Bandits 2 Slots in this way does not disappoint. It had a lot to live up to with its predecessor, but it thoroughly has in seemingly every way. We had nothing but enjoyment with our time here, and suspect players that at all enjoyed the first will likely feel the same. Cash Bandits 2 Slots gots a very solid and enthusiastic recommendation. If you can play and look at this game and not have a smile on your face for how well done it is, then you likely have no soul. We suspect the bandit probably took it while you were unaware.