Aztec's Millions Slots

Aztec’s Millions Slots takes as its source material the ancient empire that Cortez brought to its end. A fitting theme for a solid game, everything about the experience is paved with gold, intended to keep you playing, and with a progressive jackpot that is now bigger than a small lottery. This is a game not like many others, and one that will keep any slot fan busy for a good long time. For that reason, we recommend it to everyone, particularly those with the patience to stick with it and try to win that sought after jackpot.


The premise is much like the ancient empire: you put down some of your old gold in hopes of getting a far greater amount in return. Everything about this is laced through the experience in a fun way that makes for a good time no matter how long you play. Playfully matching gold items and trinkets of designs you are unlikely to see elsewhere, the Aztec empire is a fitting theme for Aztec’s Millions Slots given the cultural legacy they left behind.


This is a very pretty game, even though it makes use of many standard features you would find in many other slots. The graphics here are crisp and clean, comprised of a wide variety of ancient Aztec elements that make for an eclectic visual mix. Whether it is the tigers, beautiful women, or ancient artifacts, there is always something interesting to see when playing Aztec’s Millions Slots, which goes a long way towards keeping it from seeming monotonous.

The background elements are also nice as a change of pace, and the font has a certain character to it that we really enjoy as well.


Being a five reel slot with 25 play lines, this game has a lot packed into it despite what may initially seem to be the case. Bets wage from 20 cents to $5 a spin, making it very accessible for newcomers looking to get their feet wet.

The real draw here is hopefully winning the progressive jackpot that builds and builds as you play, which can at times become so ludicrously high as to make you want to go out and conquer your own empire just to get it. This is triggered when matching five Aztec’s Millions symbols in a single play line, which is no small feat. Aztec Queens, tigers, Mayan gods, idols, and related things are also scattered about with a chance to appear, which keep things lively and interesting. Even Shamans make an appearance, which have a decent change to gain you some gold any time you see them.


+ Fitting them + Great graphics + Progressive jackpot is almost unbelievable + Genuinely fun + Care went into the user interface


- Betting sizes may be too small for those looking to put down a lot of money upfront - Still a five reel slot, which could have been a little more inventive


There is not much to dislike about Aztec’s Millions Slots. It is a solid entry in the genre that has a decent chance to pay out, and that progressive jackpot is going to have you pining for more with every passing spin. Everything about it works well enough to make for an enjoyable time, whether you are new to slots or have been playing them for some time. We can recommend Aztec’s Millions Slots without hesitation, our only misgiving being that we hope you do not win that progressive jackpot we have been building up before we do, as that has kept us playing for some time.