Basketbull Slots

Basketbull Slots is a wonderful send up of Basketball culture with the added bonus of giving you a chance to win it big. Featuring a beautiful art style, solid gameplay mechanics, and enough variation to keep you interested, this is a game you can enjoy spending some quality time with. We recommend it to players of all skill levels and degrees of experience, and really appreciate what they have done here in making this game a reality.


The Chicago Bulls are one of the most famous basketball teams of all time. Michael Jordan himself is an icon of the sport. And although that would have been horrifically expensive to license, Basketbull Slots has done something special here. Using cartoon stylings to fill in the gaps there, this is a parody as well as a slot that oozes charm and personality from every passing moment you spend with it.


This game is downright beautiful to look at. Everything is clean, crisp, clear, vivid, and exciting. A lot of time and effort clearly went into this look, featuring hand drawn illustrations and cartoons over every aspect of the game itself. This is not the standard cheap looking slot games many of us have grown accustomed to. This is Saturday Morning Cartoon quality work here, and good enough to be featured in a small scale animated film. The main draw of the game is this, and we heavily commend them for it.

The graphics outside of the illustrative style are a real treat to look at too. Everything looks almost like you are playing a full blown video game you would pick up at a store like GameStop. From the look of the suits and the cast of characters to even the menu text looking like it is off of a score board, this is a very, very pretty game to play and look at.


Basketbull Slots features the standard five reel slot setup with 25 different play lines. Alongside this are also some welcome inclusions, such as a random jackpot that will keep you guessing, and free ‘throws’ that take the place of spins to give you ample opportunity to up your earnings.

The Basketbull himself shows up from time to time to mix things up, acting as a wildcard. He gives you anywhere from 10 to 10,000 times your line bet, which is really amazing when you think about it.

Standard mechanics otherwise round out this wonderful looking affair, with suits of cards all looking like something out of a letterman jacket, matching other animal themed characters from the various teams, free throw hopes, and the like. If you are a basketball fan, you will appreciate all of this and find it very endearing.


+ Wonderful art style + High budget all around + Very accessible + Great theme


- Gameplay is somewhat standard - A little more could have been done with the theme


Overall, we really enjoyed our time spent playing Basketbull Slots, and we are not even basketball fans. The colorful art style, cast of characters oozing with personality, and accessible nature of the game make this one that any slot fan will not want to miss. Whether you are a fan of the sport, simply want to win some money, or can appreciate the shear artistry that went into this game compared to what is usually on offer within the genre, anyone would be remiss not to try Basketbull Slots. We cannot praise it enough, and want to personally thank the developers for going out of their way to make such a nice looking and engaging slot available to the general public.