Bulls and Bears Slots

Bulls and Bears Slots features a colorful cartoon cast, tried and true game mechanics, and a certain zany flare that will have you playing game after game despite it not deviating that far from the standard formula. A lot of love and care went into this game, and it shows. It does not feature a lot that you have not seen before, but for short and long play sessions it does manage to be very addictive and fun. We recommend players of all skill levels give it a try. If you get hooked after the first few plays, you can likely play it forever without getting bored.


There is not much of a premise to this game, which adds to some of its charm. Many cartooned themed games have somewhat of a point to them, drawing from classic themes and the like. Not so with Bulls and Bears Slots. Random is the name of the game here, and we are still scratching our heads every time we see the cover shot. In a good way of course, as it is pretty funny looking at the cover image and wondering how any of this all fits together.


This is where the game shines, and where most of the production values clearly went. Featuring beautiful hand drawn pictures at each and every spin, Bulls and Bears Slots is a well crafted game through and through. Everything is clean, clear, and crisp, despite how odd some of it at times can be. Although you should not go in expecting Disney quality visuals here, it is all well done enough to be endearing, and get the off beat cartoon humor across.

One thing to note, however, is a slight disconnect here between the expressive cartoon animal faces, and how the rest of the game is drawn. In this case, that disconnect ends up adding an element of humor to them, the other elements of the game looking oddly more realistic when stacked up next to the bull and bear counterparts.


Bulls and Bears Slots is a standard five reel slot game with 25 different play lines to enjoy. One thing of note, which manages to work its way into the title image in case you were unaware of it, is the free game guarantee offer built into each play session. If you have not won a single free game within 100 total spins, you will get a free one, which is a nice touch for players down on their luck.

Other than that, expect standard mechanics here throughout with a slight bear and bull theme. Bulls and bears can substitute as a match for any symbol, either alone or in combination with others. Bears, however, can multiply your winnings by 4, making them highly sought after.

In addition to that, the chart symbol activates the game’s free game mode. Land more of them, and you get more spins here. Matching 3 can land a 5 free games, while 5 can max out at 15 free games.

Random jackpots are also present and always welcome.


+ Nice art style + Endearing theme + Tried and true mechanics + Guaranteed free game


- Gameplay is fairly standard - Guarantee is admittedly trite


Bulls and Bears Slots succeeds at everything it sets out to do. It does not set out to do a whole lot more than be a competent slot with a nice art style, however. For better or worse, it does still manage to be fun and zany, and will have you subtly smiling as you play spin after spin due to how randomly some of the elements look together. We give it a solid recommendation to at least try.