Dirty Martini Slots

Dirty Martini Slots is a very solid game that does not try too hard to go outside of the mold, but does fit itself into the genre with a cool, subtle sense of style that will leave you wanting more. The elegance with which everything is presented, styled, and plays is a mix you are unlikely to find anywhere else. That, coupled with its highly accessible nature, make for a nice game you can easily sink hours into with drink in hand hoping to win it big.


If you like drinking, Dirty Martini Slots was made just for you. Everything played and matched is either an alcoholic beverage of choice, or a nice additive to a good mixed drink. Although it sounds a little trite, it ends up working quite well, and has a certain endearing quality to it that is hard to pinpoint. There is a very subdued quality to this game that is very relaxing and enticing. Many other games try really hard to be in your face or lively, while this game is all about playing it cool and sinking deep into the play.


The graphics in Dirty Martini Slots are the star of the show. They really sing on all levels, and we commend them for the work that went into them.

Although none of them look particularly complex or hard to make, the style of them all is very crisp and well rounded. Everything has a sort of vintage ad or cartoon look that goes right down to the dot shading on the lemons and olives. Looking at the reels makes you feel ‘good’, and some of them look like they could double as scratch and sniff stickers that would smell very pleasant. We like the graphics a lot, and it is hard to say enough about them despite how simple they are.


Dirty Martini Slots is a five reel game with the standard 25 play lines. Bets range from a penny to $5 a line, making this accessible enough to play while drinking to avoid losing too much money. Along the way, many genre-staple features make their return, such as autoplay, random progressive jackpots, regular progressive jackpots, substituting symbols, and the lot.

With the multipliers all added up, you can expect to win a maximum of 40,000 times your initial bet for a spin, which does keep things interesting. Free games also seem to happen so frequently that we wondered if we had just become drunk on the gameplay.

It is a very accessible package all things considered, despite being nothing new or out of the ordinary.


+ Wonderfully cool graphics + Solid production values + Accessible betting amounts


- Gameplay is somewhat standard - Not a lot going on outside of the graphics - Hard to differentiate itself from other games in the genre here


If you are looking for a nice, cool, relaxing drink at the end of the day, Dirty Martini Slots will do the job in slot machine form. Combining a wonderfully chic aesthetic with gameplay you will love despite having seen it somewhere before, Dirty Martini Slots is a treat all around. We do wish they had tried a little harder when it comes to gameplay mechanics, but it is hard to fault them for finding something that works and sticking with it in a tried and true way. We wholeheartedly recommend giving Dirty Martini Slots a try. You will feel addicted, enticed, and relaxed all at once. It is a very different experience than the vivid, esoteric themed slots that seem to crowd out the genre these days, and for that reason, we like it a lot.