Count Spectacular Slots

Count Spectacular Slots is a peculiar mix of comedy and slot machine that manages to be fairly entertaining despite how standard a lot of it is. With gothic vampire imagery leaking over every part of the game, Count Spectacular Slots may not live up to the adjective that it takes its namesake from, but it is still a thoroughly good time, pays out very often, and is all well done enough to make you feel like you are getting a lot out of every passing spin. We recommend everyone give this slot a try if they are at all interested by that description, and are a fan of gothic things.


The premise of Count Spectacular is Dracula, and all things related. Adorned with tongue in cheek spooky imagery and matching things that are on theme, the main drive here is the visuals. There are some elements of Count Spectacular that veer a little further from the norm on this front, but not too many, and that is part of the point. It is a very light hearted take on the slot genre with a lot of heart itself. You would not think it would work given the myths, but it does.


This is the main draw of Count Spectacular. Featuring very well done, hand drawn illustrations, this is a colorful game that looks like it would fit right at home on Saturday morning television. Each piece of the game is expertly drawn by a professional artist, featuring a very colorful and vivid color palette for players to enjoy. The backgrounds also work very well for the game, drawing on the theme of Dracula’s mansion, and the font choices are fittingly spooky.


Nothing about Count Spectacular is particularly spectacular on this front, but it is still by no means a bad or boring game. Being a five reel slot with 25 play lines, there are a lot of the standard elements and bonuses here to keep players interested for a long time. Whether you are triggering free games, getting triple bonuses from them, scatter symbol hunting, or collecting one of the many random jackpots that award you with $50,000 for every bet you make, you will still enjoy Count Spectacular despite how basic it can at times be.

Seeing payout ratios and winnings being very high in this game does help, but let it be said that this is not the only game that does that, and many others do it a lot better than this one.


+ Beautiful artwork + Nice theme + Everything is well done and executed + Multiple jackpots was a nice touch + Endearing despite being spooky


- Gameplay is somewhat standard - Not much was done with the theme beyond it merely being window dressing


Count Spectacular Slots is a well done five reel slot game with beautiful artwork that will manage to keep players entertained for a long time, but is nothing spectacular in and of itself. If you enjoy Transylvania, gothic imagery, the old Dracula myths, horror movies, and a light hearted take on the genre, then you will likely crack a toothy smile or two at Count Spectacular. The only thing holding this game back are the play mechanics themselves, but the multiple and very generous bonus modes and jackpots do manage to help out with that quite a bit. If you have a bit of free time, some money to spare, and would love to make a boat load of money yourself, we recommend giving Count Spectacular Slots. It is by no means groundbreaking, but it also is not bad, and we do think most people will enjoy it.