Coyote Cash Slots

Coyote Cash Slots is a colorful, cartoon laden slot game that will have your heart warmed and wallet thickened with every passing moment. Featuring a wonderful art style and solid gameplay mechanics, Coyote Cash Slots is a hard game to put down. It manages to stand out from the crowd due to its endearing look and solid play. We can recommend this game to players of all ages and experience levels without hesitation, and would mostly like to get this review over with so we can get back to playing it.


If you have ever seen a Saturday Morning Cartoon, you understand the premise of Coyote Cash Slots. A chase scene is the center of attention here, much like the classic Road Runner cartoons of old. An eagle manning an armored car full of money is being continually ransacked by a coyote in search of the treasures that lay therein. It is all campy and tongue in cheek, evidenced throughout, such as the dice on the armored car. It all works out well, and is a step above most slots, making for a fun time.


This is the main point of Coyote Cash Slots, and we do not fault it for that. This is a beautiful slot game. The illustrations are hand done and not cheap, either. A lot of care and time clearly went into the look of this game, which is approaching feature level quality. It is all crisp, clear, and colorful, making for a game kids would love, despite them ideally not gambling on a game like this. Every single spec of this game looks gorgeous, and we almost want to reach out and shake the hand of the developer for hiring a real artist.


The mechanics of Coyote Cash Slots are tried and true. A five reel slot with 25 play lines, there is not much here you have not seen before. The bonus feature, however, does keep things interested. 20 free games can be awarded here, with ample earnings potential inside each and every one.

Matching free spins and other standard mechanics also shows up again here, the Coyote being the real draw. Much like the titular theme, if you match enough of him, you get all the cash, and walk away so rich that you can finally quit your life of crime.

Bets start at $1.25 and max out at $5, making the low end of this one a little higher than average, and the high end cap off a lot lower than your typical big spender game.

There is also the standard autoplay feature for when you want to rake in the dough while attending to other things.


+ Looks gorgeous + Solid play mechanics + Everything is very well executed + Bug free


- Gameplay is somewhat standard, which is good or bad depending on your tastes


To say this game looks great would be an understatement. We cannot praise the graphics on this game enough. With solid enough play mechanics to keep you engaged, and a decent chance of winning, Coyote Cash Slots stands more than a step above the rest because of just how much love and care went into the look and theme. It feels like a Saturday Morning Cartoon, nothing about it is cheap, and it will have you coming back for more time and again like an addicted little kid with an endless wallet. We thoroughly recommend you give Coyote Cash Slots a try. You will not regret a moment of it, and may walk away with enough cash to make even the Coyote happy.