Crystal Waters Slots

Crystal Waters Slots takes as its inspiration the ocean, tasking you with matching water themed wares as you win spin after spin and build up your bank account. If you are a fan of underwater wild life, you enjoy gambling, and like accessible mechanics, then Crystal Waters Slots is the game for you. We recommend it to players that are new to the genre, a little younger, or have a passion for the ocean.


Underwater is the name of the game here, with everything looking like it would be right at home at Sea World. You match the fairly expected suits and objects as you play, hoping to win enough money to afford your own giant water park and fill it with like minded things. It all is relatively unexpected for the genre, but ends up working out fairly well, and has players having a good time while they win some dough.


This is where Crystal Waters Slots really shines. Just by looking at the hand painted title image with that beautiful dolphin, you can tell a lot went into this. All of the pieces themselves are meticulously painted, each having a slight water distortion on top of them that makes for a very nice touch. It almost looks as if you are swimming through the ocean itself as you look at them, only here, instead of getting eaten by a shark, you are rewarded with lots of money and loot.


Crystal Waters Slots is a five line slot that features mechanics you would come to appreciate if you have played enough of these games. You can bet on each line, and there are various multipliers, but it all feels somewhat fresh given the thing.

As you would expect from that beautiful title image, the main draw here is matching the dolphin symbol. This lets you win 15 free games, which is pretty high for what it is. You can also match multipliers in the form of bonus fish, which stand out well from the rest of the fair, that range from 2 all the way up to 16! It makes for a fairly fast paces and exciting experience that you would not anticipate given that this is an underwater themed game.

Yachts and sea turtles, along with coral, round out some of what can be matched here. Bets per playline range from twenty cents all the way up to $100, making this game scale very well no matter your budget.


+ Absolutely beautiful cover + Well done and chosen artwork for the game itself + Theme is very calming and a surprisingly good fit + Feels very different than similar games


- The mechanics are all fairly standard - The betting amounts can get quite high - We cannot help but shake the feeling that the dolphin does not want us to match it with how often it seems to show up


Underwater antics and dolphins are some of the last things that would come to our mind when we think of the standard five reel slot machine. Despite all of that, however, a lot of care went into this game in an effort to prove us wrong. And prove us wrong it did. This is a fun game that players of any budget can jump into for a very calming and relaxing time that ends with them winning lots of money and getting sucked in. Although little about it stands out otherwise, in this case, we really enjoyed our time with the game, and found it to be a welcome departure from some of the other themed slots you would fine. We recommend you give it a try today.