Bunko Bonanza Slots

Bunko Bonanza Slots is themed after the dinner party game of the same name, tasking players with matching colorful and enticing foods in hopes of winning it big. Anyone that is a fan of Bunko will appreciate this game, as will slot fans. Players are in for a treat when they can win money while staring at food. This is a game we recommend for players of all kinds, whether they are old or new to the genre.


The premise here is based on the concept of Bunko, which for anyone that is unfamiliar, is a dice based game that tends to accompany nice foods. Trying to match these delectable treats is your main task in the game, as well as the usual “win lots of money,” which is the underlying premise of all these games. It is all very well done and executed, and though it draws on a different game for inspiration, ends up working very well.


This is where the game really shines. The many treats pictured really do look good enough to eat. You will likely end up hungry by the end of your first play through, which is part of the draw. A lot of time clearly went into the graphics here, with the colors being perfectly suited to every treat you see, and it all matching very well in a fairly cute fashion.

Everything is clean, clear, and enticing, which makes this one stand out a lot more than the typical slot game. Foodies in particular will appreciate this, and likely go out to a bakery after to treat themselves with the money they won.


Bunk Bonanza Slots is a five slot game that is fairly accessible and fair in its mechanics. The bunko dice here are the main differentiator here, the matching of which activates a free game, awarding players with a grand total of 21 of them. During these games, you can literally double or multiply your earnings by a factor of six, which while not super high by comparison to other games, does occur far more often. If you get a winning combination during a free game, this shoots all the way up to a factor of 12, which is very nice.

You are largely tasked with matching foods, but you will also see drinks and pieces of paper as well, alongside the dice and the Bunko bell. This is the wild symbol in the game, which along with scatters, rewards players with many combinations.

Bets here range from 20 cents to $100, making this a game that big spenders can quickly get into, and is on the higher end of things for the genre.


+ Perfect presentation + Looks good enough to eat + Fair play mechanics + Multipliers work very well


- More could have been done with the bunko tie in - Betting tiers are fairly high for the genre


Make no mistake, this is a very pretty and mouth watering game. You will have a hard time looking at it and not feeling hungry later on. The betting tiers are also relatively high. Still, your chances of winning are fair, and you will never tire of looking at it. This makes for a fun and inviting experience for players of all stripes to get into, and you will have a hard time putting it down. If you are a foodie, enjoy Bunko, and like winning money, Bunko Bonanza Slots is the game for you. We give it a wholehearted recommendation, and only advise you to be careful of how addicted you may become with it and its presentation.