Cleopatra's Gold Slots

Set in the times of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra’s Gold Slots is like many Egyptian themed affairs in the slot realm, but still manages to stand out. The main draw here, much like its source material, is how beautiful it all is, and how much power you will feel once you start playing and winning with every passing spin. This is a game we recommend to players of all types, whether or not they are a fan of the historical source material, or Egyptian themed games.


You are back in a time so long ago no one remembers when it was, taking on the role of Cleopatra as she attempts to win so much gold she can afford an army to take on the world and conquer it all. Or at least that is what you will feel like as you play, getting closer to hitting it big with every passing spin.

This is both the best and worst part of the game, as there are admittedly many Egyptian slot themed games at this point, and there is little about this one on that front that makes it stand out from the pack.


The game here is very clean and simple, much like the art you would see in Egyptian themed works of old. Nothing here outstays its welcome, and is all very crisp and well rendered. Although there are many games that are prettier, this one is right in the middle there with still looking good enough to keep you interested.

Drawing players in here is the pretty face of Cleopatra herself, which adorns the space on both symbols and the overarching elements.


Much like most games of this genre, and even this theme, this is a five slot game with fairly standard gameplay mechanics. There are 20 play lines and it all operates much like you would expect. There are multipliers, wild cards, free spins, and bonus areas. The things you match are about what you would think would appear in a game of this title, matching Cleopatra herself, pyramids, jewels, an Eye of Horus, and fairly nicely done hieroglyphic symbols with the playing card suits that are almost required for games of this kind.

Not much sets the game apart here, but it is still very fun, and for players that are used to playing lots of slots, will not leave them at all guessing as to what is going to happen next or how it works. You will not spend a moment thinking about how to play, you will just jump in and start winning money.


+ Decent chance of winning + Nice multipliers + Very accessible + Betting amounts are not too high or low + Payouts seem to happen fairly often


- Theme is a little standard - Gameplay may be a bit too generic


Cleopatra of her time had many adoring fans, but the same likely would not be said of this game. Still, it is fun, enjoyable, and will have anyone that plays it winning at a fairly decent pace. Nothing about this game is poorly done, and the theme is admittedly a very good fit for the genre, despite how many games like this have begun to appear in the space. If you are looking for a solid entry in that space, like money, and do not want to think too heavily about how to play or how any of that works, you will no doubt love this game, and be playing it for hours in hopes of winning enough money to start your own kingdom in ancient times. We recommend this to players of all types.