Derby Dollars Slots

Derby Dollars Slots

Derby Dollar Slots is a gambling game based on a betting game that somehow managers to be an endearing sum that is worth more than the whole of its parts. Taking its cure from horse racing, jockeys, and associated imagery, it is a game that is novel enough not to overstay its welcome, and manages to be fun for seasoned vets and newcomers a lot. If you are a fun of horse racing, slot machines, or would love to get into either in an effort to win lots of money, give Derby Dollar Slots a try. It is a game you are unlikely to regret having spent time with and come out the other end more than a little richer for it.


Horse racing is the theme for Derby Dollar Slots, which works its way through every aspect of it. A lot of people do not know too much about jockeys, so they took care to still make it accessible to a general audience in everything that goes along with that. Everything chosen here is all well known outside of the sport itself, but jockeys and horses and related things still play a prominent role, and some of that features into the gameplay just a bit.


The graphics here are a little sub par. The cover art does not look all that bad, but you can tell they were a little pressed for time and money when they used part of that image clipped off to appear as some of the matching symbols. It certainly does not look bad, but you will have likely seen many other games that look far better than this, and nothing about the way it looks tends to stand out. There is not much personality to the characters, and the items associated with them are also fairly mundane, although that is in keeping with the source material.


Derby Dollar Slots is a five reel slot that is pretty standard in most respects. You can match horse medallions, win free games with up to 25 free spins, and there are standard scatters that keep things interesting. Horses jump in as the wild card, and also increase the payout you get from winning.

There are 20 play lines, with betting amounts that range from a single cent to $5. This puts the betting at the lower end for the genre, and has the benefit of at least making it accessible for newcomers. Unfortunately, there is not much about this game that is very interesting, which makes it doubly hard for newcomers to keep their interest held by it.


+ Mechanics are accessible + Betting amounts are low enough for newcomers + The game itself functions fairly well and is middle of the road enough that winning happens often enough


- The theme itself is very dry if you are not into horse racing - The graphics are kind of drab - Nothing about this game really stands out or holds your interest


Derby Dollar Slots is certainly not a bad game, but there really is not much about it that is going to hold your attention or keep you interested. Unless you like horse racing, that is, in which case this is the niche game for you. That seems to have been their intentions, as that is a niche game with a wild following. If you count yourself among it, you will love this game like no other. If not, you can give it a try and see if it catches your attention. Who knows? You may end up a fan yourself and become more interested in it. You certainly will not regret having tried it.