Enchanted Garden Slots

Enchanted Garden Slots mixes faeries and fair chances of winning that combines into a fun time to be had for anyone that is a fan of either. Although the style of the game is pretty hit or miss given the source material, this is a well done slot that we can easily recommend for being solid, well executed, and in no way cheap like many others you may find around. Give it a play and see how you like it, and enjoy the theme if you are a fan of that genre of works.


As you would not expect from the title, Enchanted Garden Slots takes as its theme the world of faeries, unicorns, and magic. If you have a friend on Facebook that is always going to bars and getting faerie tattoos and will not ever shut up about that and Zodiac symbols, you know what to expect here. It is pretty cute in how all of it is done, and an unexpected fit for gambling, but for some reason it works, and it works well.


The graphics of Enchanted Garden Slots will for some look great, and for some be kind of annoying. For us, we fall mostly in the former category. Looking to fair tales for guidance, you see colorful versions of everything you might find there with every passing spin, including the background. The background deserves special mention here, as in most games, they are horrible, but here, it actually manages to look fitting and good.

The suits also feature the faerie theme, and though we cannot put our finger on why, actually look really good. Good enough that they could have easily gotten their own game, we love the calligraphy and Celtic look they achieved that much.


Standard five reel mechanics apply to Enchanted Garden Slots, taking most of its symbols for matching from children’s books. As you would expect, butterflies, unicorns, faeries and gems are all over the place, and matching them amounts to what you would expect given how rare they are relative to one another. Unicorns and Faeries round out the most desired, matching up to five of the former with one of the latter giving you a multiplier of your reward by 5,000 times, which is huge.

Occupying 20 lines, there is also a free spin feature. Here, unlike elsewhere, this can only be triggered once, which makes it seem all the more special in practice, and makes us wonder why more games do not do this. Wild symbols and scatters also come into play, as do random jackpots.


+ The theme art is very pretty for what it is + Some classic features have slight tweaks to make them more interesting than you would expect + Very, very generous multipliers + Accessible


- If you do not like faeries and unicorns, you will not like the look of this game - If you do not like the look of this game, there are admittedly other games that function in very similar ways


Enchanted Garden Slots is a game that function much like you would expect, has a few standout tweaks to that formula to keep things interesting, a random jackpot that will have you playing one more time, and a theme you will either love or hate. Personally, we think it came out very well, even though we are not a big fan of Faeries or anything of the kind. If you are, however, you will absolutely love this game, which is clearly what they were going for. We recommend it to everyone, however, to see how the theme strikes you, as striking it big can still magically happen whether you are into that aspect of it or not.