Big Shot Slots

Big Shot Slots puts players in the role of living the life and having lots of money, trying to match stars, cars, films, and suits of cards in order to win it big. The entire thing is a traditional game that still manages to be stylish and inventive, and will leave anyone wanting more if they have spent enough time with it. It is well worth anyone’s time to give it a spin and feel what it is like to be a big shot!

Promising Premise

You are rich, famous, and live a life of luxury. In classic Hollywood trappings, you try to take your already lofty earnings even further, matching luxury items and cards in hopes of getting even more money than you began with. The game itself is fairly standard, but the flair fits perfectly with the venue of a slot machine, and is a welcome departure from other slot games that try to be about things that have nothing to do with winning money and being rich.

Perfect Presentation

The graphics here are bright, colorful, clear, and crisp. The cars and other symbols at times pop off of their reel, which gives it all a playful touch. Each suit looks great, adorned with stars and other things. The inclusion of film reels going down the sides of each reel is also a welcome addition. As are the makeshift actors you can match that have the look of a Hollywood celebrity. Even the trappings around the edges look like a lot of care went into them, reminding players of Hollywood signs and lights as they spend night after night trying to win enough money to live there.

Standard Mechanics

There is not much about Big Shot Slots that is not standard, which works both for and against it. A 5 reel slot, you are tasked with matching things as you might expect. There are a total of 20 playlines, which include a wild symbol, standard scatters that act as multipliers, and related things that all fit right in with the theme. Payouts can range from 2,500 coins to 50,000, giving it all a nice, wide range that leads to payouts happening at a decent pace.

The superstar icon and the Big Shot icon are what players will be hoping to land most, which can raise the stakes up to a 100x multiplier, which is welcome. The progressive jackpot here is also enticing, which will keep you playing long enough that you forget what time it is in hopes of winning it.


+ Well chosen theme + Solid gameplay mechanics + Nice payout ranges + Easy to pick up and accessible + Not too complicated + Clear and crisp graphics


- Fairly standard play style - There is more that could have been done with the Hollywood theme - The backgrounds are nice, but do not fit the quality of the reels

Classic Conclusion

Big Shot Slots is the perfect theme for a slot. Everyone plays these games hoping and dreaming to hit it big and live life like their favorite Hollywood celebrities. With enough tries, Big Shot Slots allows that, offering easy to get into gameplay, decent payout mechanics, and a progressive jackpot that will feel like playing the lottery every time players make a bet. Anyone that likes films and money would do well to give Big Shot Slots a try. It strikes a fine balance between many different things, and never gets too overbearing or complicated that it outstays its welcome. You will be playing it long into the night, much like watching a good movie, and dreaming about what it would be like to afford to make your own.