Achilles Slots

If ancient Greece and winning money are your thing, then Achilles slots will find a place in your heart. Using a fairly standard mix of game mechanics and presentation, it is a competent slot that will thrill anyone that likes classic works of Homer and the Odyssey, and likely even history buffs looking for a quick fix on the gambling front. Its main flaw is a premise that some people will either love or feel indifferent to, but we are personally a fan of it, and feel that most people will be as well.


Set during the Trojan War, Achilles Slots follows the lead character Achilles, now famous for having his heel cut and rendering him unable to fight. Aside from that, it is mostly a Greek imagery laden slot machine that manages to be entertaining in all that it draws on, but nothing too over the top or spectacular in a way that would strongly stand out.

It would have been nice if there was a little more of the Greek feel done throughout the game and mechanics, but it is not anything that holds the game back for being a little basic.


Everything here is fairly standard to the classic ages of gods and war. It is very colorful and clean despite what most people associate with that imagery today, and comes with ample tutorial information as to how everything works.

Most of the symbols are latinized versions of the cards and their numbers, but everything here is still easy to read and understand, even in modern times.


The gameplay here is very fast and frenetic. Part of the reason for this is the very wide range of bets you can make per spin, which vary from a single cent to $100 for each one. This all occurs on a standard 5 reel grid, which is bigger than average and part of the draw.

The jackpot here comes up randomly, maxing out at 40,000 times your bet! This is an incredible value, and not seen in many other slots. Standard scatter symbols also appear to up your relevant multipliers, and your different play line earnings get added to your total winning sum by the end. Everything here is played left to right, though these scatter symbols can go both ways for added value. Free spins are also on the table, which can multiple your winnings as well and be tripled by your triggering bet.


+ Nice Greek art style + Many lines means more chances to win + Huge multiplier and jackpot opportunities


- Greek theme is a little underutilized - Having 5 reels can at times make things more complicated - The large variance in betting values can make players sometimes have to think more than they are used to


Achilles Slots takes classic Greek stories of adventure and heroism, and combines it with a five reel slot that offers many opportunities to win, as well as increments of betting. If you like the Illiad or the Odyssey, and enjoy winning money, then Achilles slots will likely smuggle its way into your heart. If you are averse to the Greek art style, or are looking for something a little simpler, however, you may be put off by some of what it has to offer. Still, it is a compelling and well executed game that manages to succeed in most everything it tries, and offers just enough to keep things interesting without being overwhelming or overbearing.

Give Achilles slots a try today, and you could be living an adventurous life with your earnings thereafter, just like the heroes of old.