Aladdin's Wishes Slots

Everyone is familiar with Aladdin, which is the titular premise of this fun and well done slot affair. Trying your luck to win enough money to grant all of your own wishes, Aladdin’s Wishes Slots is for fans of the Arabian Nights series, money, and anyone with some spare time and cash to put on the table in hopes of getting more in return. It may not be as intricately done as the Disney movie, but it pays far better.


The story of Aladdin is very old and well known, so the game does little to explain it. You are in the land of Arabia, trying to match a wide variety of elements on the table in order to win both fame, fortune, and enough power to have the genie himself grant you your every wish. This is baked in throughout the game, and is a welcome departure from some of the more serious or esoteric premises for games. There is something about a classic premise like this that is very endearing and appealing, making you want to spend more time with it and see just how much you can win.


Aladdin’s Wishes Slots is a joy to look at. The art is hand drawn, well executed, just the right amount of colorful, and everything here looks and feels like a low tier animated affair. It is not Disney quality, but you can tell that a lot of love was put into these graphics, both to give players something nice to look at, as well as to convey all the information necessary to understand how to play. It is the Dreamworks equivalent in the slot realm.


Occupying 5 reels in total, Aladdin’s Wishes Slots does not stray too far from the standard formulas that other comparable games are used to. Where it does stand out, however, is its ability to allow for up to $100 per spin during play, though you can still play it safe and bet only a penny if you would like to get going in a far simpler fashion.

Lamps here, which allude to being able to summon the genie, are the scatter symbols here, two of them giving you a special payout, and three unlocking the genie himself. This is the main draw of the game, which results in up to 100 times your initial bet, which is huge.


+ Wonderful premise + Delightful artwork + Clearcut mechanics + Wide betting range + Decent change to win


- A little basic in its mechanics - A lot of time was put into the art, but could have been spent elsewhere to spice things up from time to time - The high bet range may encourage players to take ever greater risks


Aladdin’s Wishes Slots is a special combination of beautiful, fun, and lucrative. It hits the sweet spot for anyone that loves the Arabian Nights series, likes money, and is willing to bet large sums in hopes of winning even larger ones back. A delicate balance is struck here between being simple and enticing, which most players will find addictive, making them come back for more and more in hopes of summoning the genie himself.

Anyone would do well to give Aladdin’s Wishes slots a try. It is fun, simple, accessible, and pretty, which cannot be said for a lot of the slots out there. Give it a try, and you will be hard pressed not to like it and have a great time, hoping for that third lamp and the big payout that will grant your own wishes in life thereafter as you live out your days like a happy sultan. We thoroughly recommend this game.